Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tips from a Hair Salon in Sydney: How to Get the “Lob of Your Life”

If you want to sport a hairstyle that looks truly fabulous on you, you must choose one that suits your face shape. You shouldn’t take a risk on fleeting trends that won’t complement your features or worse, make them look less pleasing. There are certain hair lengths and haircuts that would just look fab on some people but drab on others simply because of a mismatch. For instance: long hairstyles with soft curls look ravishing for women with oval or square faces. The edgy pixie cuts should be tried by those with heart-shaped or oval-shaped faces, but they won’t be too flattering on very angular or round jawlines. Choppy layers or blunt fringes, or feathery bangs may not be for everyone, either, but they are perfect in framing or softening the features of certain people.

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