Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sydney Hair Extensions for Longer Strands

Although short hairstyles are gradually coming back into fashion, nothing beats the versatility of long and wavy locks. However, this shouldn’t stop anyone from chopping off their hair and getting a fresh, modern bob. After all, you can always resort to extensions on days when you want to channel your inner Miranda Kerr.
Hair extensions may be attached to your original hair in different ways. Keratin bonding or fusion employs heat to fuse the strands of hair extensions with your original hair. Weave hair extensions, on the other hand, are sewn onto natural hair that has been braided into rows. Meanwhile, as the name suggests, tape-in hair extensions are attached to natural hair using double-sided tape.
Hair extensions can either be natural or synthetic. Between the two, natural is preferred by professionals and most users because it is more durable, easier to style, and blends in better with real hair. Natural hair extensions also come in different types, with virgin hair having the best quality. Virgin Remy hair extensions have strands that run in the same direction, and are made of hair that has never been exposed to any chemical process, and with the cuticle still intact.
Virgin Remy hair also comes in different varieties, such as Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian. With all the available choices, it is best to consult a professional stylist to learn which would be right for you.

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