Tuesday, 23 December 2014

What You Have To Know About Chemical Peels

There’s no denying that beauty makes a woman feel good about herself. For women everywhere, a hectic lifestyle of stress, caffeine (and possibly alcohol & cigarettes), and exposure to sun’s heat & other air pollutants makes having a healthy skin quite challenging. Fortunately, experts have come up with various techniques for radiant skin, easily applicable even in day spas. The oldest known and most simple of which is the chemical peel.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tips on Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions

Women wear hair extensions to make their hair look longer, fuller, more voluminous, and vibrant. However, just as with anything you own or wear, hair extensions and weaves that are not properly taken care of can leave you looking unflattering, to say the least. All it takes is a bit of awareness and know-how to ensure your weaves and hair extensions remain elegant for longer… and insight enough to observe when it’s time to give the accessory a rest.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Hair Care Tips from the Best Sydney Hairdressers

Your hair is undoubtedly one of your best assets, so it only makes sense that it deserves proper care and attention. There’s only so much you can do on your own until your hair gets fuzzy and tangled though, which is why you should see your favourite hairdressers in Sydney every now and then for some pampering. You might also want to follow these hair care tips:

When to Skip the DIY

fYes, you can smartly care for your face with natural ingredients like papaya that diminishes age spots, smoothens and repairs skin from sun damage; oatmeal mixed with honey and oil that exfoliates; and Greek yogurt combined with olive and lemon oil to cleanse. Using these combinations is indeed safe because of them being organic: however, desired results may not be accomplished when skin complexion, texture, or type were not factored upon treatment. This leaves you an end-result that contrasts your style instead of complementing it.

Salon Care

The right day spa Sydney, “Detail Woman” offers consultations. Here they immediately conduct face mapping … which leads to determining the best care solutions for your face. It helps your skin care therapist create a treatment plan appropriate to your needs; whether you need to hide age spots, treat acne, or sun damage. A useful data used to determine which facial care option between Deep Clean Facial- Type 1 Peel (60mins), Deep Clean Facial- Standard (60mins), or an Express Facial (30mins) will be used for your treatment.

The right kind of care should always be your choice as not to ruin your look. That’s why a consult from the –day spa Sydney is a path every woman should take to avoid inefficiencies that becomes problematic to style and care overtime. Look into their site now http://www.detailwoman.com/services/full-menu/face/ to discover all their offers that you may require.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Revive and Revitalise Your Skin with Sydney Day Spas like Detail Woman

If you don’t drink enough water, your skin gets flaky. Stress etches itself on the wrinkles on your forehead and under your eyes, but a good night’s sleep can leave you with a glow the next day. Your skin is an accurate reflection of your health and wellbeing, and it is critical to take care of it properly. This is why Skin Rejuvenation services from first-class day spas in Sydney like Detail Woman are now a necessity instead of a luxury for Australian women.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

First-Class Sydney Hair Salon Detail Woman Boosts Social Reach Online

Successful Australian women never let themselves get left behind. Whether it’s the latest trend in your industry or the newest important update from your friends and family, you definitely know how to make the most of your time online. As a Sydney hair salon that caters to the discerning Sydney woman, Detail Woman wants to be right there with you, so we’ve amped up our social media presence to connect with you even more.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sydney Hair Extensions Help You Pull Off Stunning Styles for Weddings

Top-rated hair extensions in Sydney such as those produced by Great Lengths can give you the volume needed for these classic looks. With extensively trained stylists, an established, full-service salon, such as Detail Woman, can help you determine how many wefts you need for the look and apply the extensions professionally. You can even have some pampering before the wedding in their day spa.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Dating Crowd

The dating scene out there is ruthless. Gone are the days where men and women can wing it when it comes to style and just rely on their personality. When you make an effort to look great, you can expect people around you to make an effort also. This good thing creates a problem for someone seeking companionship. As men and women become more conscious with their looks one wouldn’t stand out from a crowd. 


The Right Crown for Royalty

Get an edge with the right hair style: associating yourself with the right hairdresser Sydney and go nowhere else, but Detail woman. They have experts who make you beautiful inside and out. They take care of your body, face, nails, skin, and most important your hair. Get a cut while you’re there due to several reasons

: - Stephen Foyle: the man who’s trained in the Vidal Sassoon way of cutting.

- Also, the leading stylist at GQ magazine Australia.

- Has directed Australian and New York Fashion week.

- With two wins on the American Crew Face Off, and guess who benefits from his experience?

- Get a cut alongside with the stars like Rachel Griffiths, Kim Cattrell, for women; and Sam Worthington, Richard Roxburgh for men. People who make new trends get noticed mainstream.

- A salon that works with Australian designers like Brent Wilson, Roy, and Tsubi means whichever hair style you choose probably keeps up with the local fashion scene.

- International influence: Stephen working with international brands such as Chanel, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Loewe might mean getting a pioneer haircut that the rest of the world to follow.

For, a stand out hair style go with Detail Woman –the hairdresser Sydney, for you to rise from a stylish crowd that gets you noticed by your future mate. Check us out now: DetailWoman.com