Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hairstyles for Spring 2015: Long Hair Trends

Our hair is a wonderful thing. It can be so much fun to try different hair styles in hair salon. Even on days when our hair isn't doing what we want it to do, it's great to know that we can use it as an accessory just as much as we can use it as a centrepiece for our appearance. 

As such, we often want to try different hair styles. Some may think this would require having to cut your hair on a regular basis. We like to think these people just need a little bit of inspiration! Thanks to our favourite social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube, it's never been easier to find a new look we can experiment with - and hopfeully find one that works for us.

2015 Long Hair Trends
Let's start with long hair - there are so many very popular hair styles you can try if you're blessed with long locks. Some of the spring fashions are the best for this, because they take into account the fact that you might want to have your hair away from your neck and shoulders. After all, spring time is when it starts getting hot, so you'd want to try avoiding having too much extra weight and coverage on your skin. Especially the back of your neck, which is often exposed to the sun and most likely to get hot and sweaty.

Beyond the basic pony tail, there are many hair styles that involve putting your hair up. Instead of just pulling it back, you could try putting your hair in pigtails! Pigtails always give a fun, playful look, calling back to our younger days. They also have the side-benefit of keeping your hair nicely off the back of your neck.

If your hair is too long for cute, playful pig tails, or it's just not a look you're comfortable with,  you can always go with a French braid. They are classic hairstyles, trendy for any year and any season. French braids are nothing more than taking your hair and making one long braid from it. However, the French style of braiding is especially tight, rendering even thick hair down into a slender mass of hair. It keeps your hair from the back of your neck, and looks both sporty and serious all at once.

There are so many different ways you can put your hair up that it's difficult to describe the long hair trends of 2015. And of course, it makes it even more difficult when you realise that some hairstyles are classic, and will simply never go out of style. So when you're trying to figure out long hair trends for Spring this year, you'll just have to try some different styles and see which ones work out for you. 

What trends and what doesn't is the kind of information a quality Sydney hairdresser can provide. If you want to look at options for a "hair makeover" this season, why not visit or call 02 9251 9966 and book your appointment. We look forward to helping you find a new do that you're proud of!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tips on How to Identify the Quality of Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions offer women an ideal way to add a couple of inches and volume to their hair without waiting for their own hair to grown. However, with numerous hair extensions to choose from, differentiating between standard hair and quality hair can be somewhat overwhelming and perplexing. This is particularly the case if you do not have any idea how to tell whether the quality of human hair extension is good or not. There are several tips that you can use to tell the quality of human hair. You can begin your search for quality human hair extensions by consulting a professional hairstylist.

There are several benefits that come with human hair extensions. Compared to synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions last longer and looks like real hair, which means you can treat them like real hair. Fortunately, below are some effective ways to tell the quality of human hair extensions:

Identify the quality of Human Hair Extensions

Check the Colour

You can determine the quality of human hair extensions by checking the colour. However, this should not be the only criteria to use when you are choosing quality human hair extension. When checking the colour, make sure that the colour resembles that of natural hair.

Check the Thickness

Another way of checking the quality of the hair is via analysing the thickness. Quality human hair extension should have the same thickness from top to bottom. This ensures that the hair extension does not shed. You can effectively ensure the that the thickness is the same by holding a weft up to the light and checking whether there are any gaps between the hair.

Is the Brand Reputable?

Another way of establishing the quality of a human hair extension is via checking its’ brand. As a rule of thumb, always go for a highly reputable and well-established brand. Given the numerous merchants running extensions businesses, it would be advantageous to be cautious of the brand you choose. A reputable brand not only uses authentic human hair in making its extensions, but also uses the best method to process its products.

There are two main ways of processing hair in the market- with the cuticle intact and cuticle stripped. Cuticle means that there will be a protective layer. Cheaper brands tend to remove the cuticle, which make the diameter of the hair smaller. This makes the hair lose properties of moisture-retention and sheen.

How to Distinguish the Cuticles?

It is imperative to know how to distinguish cuticles when you are choosing quality human hair extensions. In order to do this, simply pick up a few strands of the hair and run your fingers down and back up the strands. Once you do so, you should feel subtle resistance. The resistance ought to be a fine feeling. This is a telling sign that the human hair extension is authentic. If you are looking for a human hair extension that is going to last longer, ensure you choose hair extensions with cuticles.

Any Questions?

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Things Your Hairdresser Should Know: What Makes a Great Haircut

Getting a haircut is a daunting task for women at times because they are unsure about what they're going to look like when leaving the salon. It is difficult to have control over a situation when getting a haircut. It can be challenging and going to the right hair salon is a must. The best of the best should know what it takes to cut hair properly. Each case is going to be different and this is what makes a hairdresser's life unique and fascinating. Let's take a look at some of the nuances of all great haircuts. 

Things Your Hairdresser Should Know

Great Haircut That Fits Your Overall Look and Face Shape

This is the foundation of any great haircut. If the haircut does not suit the person's overall personality, look, or even outfit, it is just not going to work. It is important to sit down and assess this beforehand. Let's assume a woman working in a corporate world. She then requires a clean and professional look, so does it make sense to give her some crazy curls? Of course it doesn't.

The face shape also has a role to play and this should not be ignored. Some people are going to require specific haircuts to compliment their face shape and anything less or more will not be good enough. It is essential to understand this requirement.

A Great Haircut That is Easy to Maintain

The haircut should be easy to maintain, as most women are not going to be visiting their hair salon on a daily basis to have their hair styled. It is imperative for the haircut to be immaculate around the edges and fit well with their overall look to ensure they are able to maintain it with relative ease.

If it is too hard to maintain, it will end up becoming a horrible haircut as the hair would sit too flat or unruly on the head and that is something a woman is not going to want.

An Understanding of Hair Structure and Placement

A lot of hairdressers miss out on this knowledge and it holds them back significantly. They refuse to pay attention to how the hair lies on the head and this is a nuance that can easily make or break the entire experience. If the hairdresser is not paying attention to how the hair lies on the head and the hair’s overall structure, the results are going to be horrific or certainly displeasing to say the least. It is crucial for the hairdresser to assess the hair beforehand and then move forward from there.

These are all important nuances of a great haircut and only those who understand this are going to be able to get the job done properly. There are far too many examples of displeased customers who wanted a simple haircut and ended up with something that was entirely different. It is important for an open line of communication to be present to ensure that both parties are on the same page during the entire experience as that is the only way to get positive results.

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