Friday, 13 March 2015

All You Need to Know About Keratin Treatment

Every woman wishes for a perfect hair every day. Many invest in different hair treatments just to make sure their hair looks good and stays manageable. No wonder the advent of keratin treatment has been greeted with such enthusiasm!

Keratin hair treatment aims to recondition the hair to restore its silkiness, smoothness, straightness, and shine without the use of strong chemicals. Whether you have hair color, highlights, or it has been relaxed or bleached before, you can benefit from keratin treatment. Keratin hair treatment is preferred over other hair treatments as it does zero damage to your hair and greatly reduces your grooming time.

Having the client’s safety in mind, first and foremost, the Australian Laboratory Services set a standard of 0.02% concentration of this chemical. To be sure that you’re getting good quality product from your salon, you can always do a research on the brands of keratin treatments that they use.

A keratin hair treatment usually lasts up to four months but this depends on the type of hair and the maintenance done after the treatment. Using the right conditioner and shampoo greatly contributes to the longevity of the hair treatment, too. The cost, meanwhile, depends on the client’s type of hair but, considering the benefits, the average rate is reasonable.

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