Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Best Hair Removal Method for Women

When summertime comes around in Sydney, most women prefer to remove excess hair from their skin for comfort and for aesthetic appeal. A lot of us have tried almost all the hair removal methods available, whether at a day spa in Sydney, a salon, or DIY kits at home. Trying out too many methods can cause skin irritation and sometimes, infection. So, what’s the best method for hair removal?



Cheap and pain-free, shaving is a quick way to get rid of unwanted hair. You can do it at home without any assistance and carrying a razor is handy. Although shaving gives you fast results, hair grows back in days; can leave skin irritated and dry; you can’t expose yourself to extreme heat or moisture; and can result to thicker and darker-looking hair.

Protip: Keep in mind that you are not supposed to use other people’s razors at risk of infection.


Professional waxing at a day spa in Sydney temporarily removes hair at the root and leaves skin hair-free for almost a month, depending on hair type. Most salons use herbal and natural wax for smoother skin and other added benefits. Although waxing can be moderately painful, it eventually decreases hair growth and requires fewer appointments to a day spa.

Protip: Always do your research which salons use organic wax and disposes off strips, spatula and don’t double dip.

What other hair removal methods have you tried and which do you like most?

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