Friday, 9 January 2015

Going to a Hair Salon? Etiquette Tips to Remember

A trip to the hair salon can be a worthwhile experience. Still, it can be tricky to figure out how to conduct yourself at a hair salon especially one which has already built a long list of clientele over the years. As such, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Book an appointment weeks or days in advance

If you already have a hairstylist in mind, it’s a great idea to book an appointment weeks or days in advance. This way, hairdressers can clear their schedule to accommodate you. Even so, be sure to stick to the time you’ve both agreed upon. If you’re going to be late due to an emergency, let the hairstylist know as common courtesy. Don’t show up an hour late for the appointment without notice and act like a diva, demanding that they serve you at once – it’s not likely to go well for you, and may well backfire on you!

Feel free to tip

In Australia, it is not customary to give the salon staff a tip, but if you feel they have done you great service, ask to speak with the manager to understand their policies on staff tips. Some salons will combine tips for staff Christmas parties, for example.

Be honest

To get the best hairstyle for their client, hairstylists will often ask about hair type and maintenance. Doing so will help them ensure they’re on the right track. As such, be sure to be honest & open with your replies. For example, t
ell the hairstylist that your hair tends to be frizzy towards the day’s end so they can find a way to solve that.

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