Friday, 23 January 2015

Choosing a Hairstyle Based on Your Face Shape

Think you can pull off that trending celebrity hairstyle? Your stylist can tell. If you’re not familiar with face shape-hairstyle matching, here’s a basic guide for you.

Square: Angular jaw and broad forehead

Sharp features must be softened. Chin-length cuts make your jaw line more prominent. Wispy bangs and soft curls instead give you that feminine look. Big volume hairstyles can also take the focus away from your jaw.

Oval: Curved, moderately long; the jaw and forehead of the same width.

This shape is the most versatile. It looks good with virtually any type of hairstyle. Depending on which asset you want to accentuate, you may do layering on the cheeks, lips or chin.

Oblong: More length than width; forehead, cheekbone and jaw line in straight line

Balance is achieved by adding volume at the side. Hairstyles that widen the face such, as short to shoulder length wavy and curly hair, bobs and bangs are ideal. Avoid styles that lengthen the face such as straight, long hair.

Round: Circular; length is close to width

Avoid styles that broaden your face further such as bobs, big curls and blunt bangs. Elongation is needed for balance. Long and layered, straight to slightly wavy and side-swept, long bangs do the trick.

Heart: Forehead and cheekbones are wide and jaw line is narrow

This looks a bit angular, much like an inverted triangle. Shorter cuts emphasize the smaller jaw. Opt for long and wavy hairstyles to balance and soften your features, instead.

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