Monday, 3 November 2014

Skincare Problems and Fixes for Spring

Spring has arrived, and you’re probably getting used to the warmer, more humid weather. Along with your wardrobe update, have you thought of doing a touch-up on your skincare routines, too? With the heat and humidity that’s slowly creeping up, you may encounter skincare problems, and you will need a different regimen.

Problem: Old Makeup
When you keep using old makeup, there’s the risk that they might accumulate bacteria, which could infect your eyes, your lips, and the skin on the rest of your face.
Fix: If your mascara and eyeliners are 3 months old or if they get clumpy already, buy new ones. Wipe lipsticks with a swab of alcohol, and sharpen your lip and eye pencils before each use. Replace any powders and eye shadows that smell unusual or look like they changed colours, and regularly clean your brushes.

Problem: Dull, Dry, or Oily Skin
The frosty winter days can make you look tired and your skin look dull. The heat during spring (until summer), on the other hand, can dehydrate your skin, while particularly humid days can make it oily.

Fix: Consult a professional skin therapist in a Sydney day spa for the proper treatments to resolve blemishes and to rejuvenate your skin. Choose cleansers with lighter formulations to avoid drying your skin out further, and dab on some water-based moisturisers after. Don’t forget to apply sun and UV ray protection (products with SPF 30+ are recommended), and drink plenty of water.

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