Friday, 7 November 2014

Looking to Beautify? Leave These Four to the Pros

Going to a hairdresser is never quick, especially in salons where properly-trained professionals understand that amazing results take time. A busy lifestyle can make it tempting to do beauty treatments yourself, but there are many times when this can spell disaster. Here are four beauty moves that are best left to the experts:

Hair Color
There are many hair dyes available in the market, and they could be easy to use. However, these products have strong chemicals that can damage one’s hair, and even skin, when not applied properly. In addition, many women don’t have the skills required to color hair well, and in an amateur’s hands, the results can be a catastrophe.

Hair Straightening
Like hair dyes, straightening chemicals can potentially damage hair when not administered by a trained stylist. Instead of getting natural-looking locks, hair straightening substances can damage and destroy hair even up to the roots.

Waxing products are a dime a dozen at the shops, but beware: those with sensitive skin may not have the smooth arms and legs they are looking for, but end up with irritation and painfully ingrown hair.

Facial skin is extremely delicate, and only experts who understand how it should be handled should be entrusted with applying products, treatments, and procedures. Unsupervised DIY sessions can instead have painful and harmful consequences.

While going to a salon does take up precious hours, ensuring that you get a safe and professional beautifying experience is definitely worth the time investment.

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