Saturday, 29 November 2014

Meet the Hair Salon Team

Each hair salon staff member has a specific responsibility. A colourist, for example, can hardly be expected to fill in for a senior stylist who called in sick. This arrangement helps the salon expand its services without sacrificing quality. In no particular order, here are some of the people you'll typically find in a salon.

Creative Director
Arguably the most experienced person on the team, the creative director assumes many responsibilities. Aside from working alongside other stylists, the creative director shares knowledge and provides guidance to the rest of the team. Such a professional also stays updated on the latest trends.

Technical Director
You can say that a hair salon’s technical director is second in command. This position also involves working with stylists, although the main focus is on improving the efficiency of the establishment, from training personnel to ensuring that items are always in stock. Whereas the creative director is in charge of conjuring new ideas, the technical director is in charge of making those ideas part of the workflow.

Senior Stylists
Hairstylists are the backbone of any hair salon. Aside from cutting and styling, they are in charge of tasks like installing hair extensions and treating natural hair. Senior stylists are assisted by the junior stylists. With enough experience, junior stylists can climb the ranks to become senior staff.


Colourists are a specialised breed. The best ones carry certification and even serve as ambassadors for esteemed brands such as Kérastase and Redken.

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