Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How to Make Sure You Get the Hairstyle You Want

Hairdressers may be fashion miracle workers, but they aren’t mind readers. You have to overcome whatever qualms you have—whether you think you’re demanding too much or are too shy to tell them what you want—in order to get what you want. Here are a few tips to get the hairstyle you want:

1.  Properly communicate your needs with your hairstylist. If you’re considering a drastic change, don’t be afraid to set a consultation to discuss your options. Be thorough when you explain what you want. Hairstylists appreciate it when clients give them a clear idea of what they want to achieve.

2. Don’t hold back when the stylists asks you questions. If you aren’t totally honest about your lifestyle and grooming habits, you might end up with a hairstyle that is too high maintenance for you.

3. Make a return visit if you’re satisfied with the work. If you’re satisfied with the hairstyle, you can get your hairdresser to recreate the look for you.

Don’t be afraid to be on a keen lookout for a stylist who will be more than happy to create a look that is uniquely you. You will, after all, be living with the consequences—or benefit—of how good the stylist is at their job.

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