Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hair Oils for Perfection

Hair’s flexibility and versatility enables you to style it with countless options. Procedures include layering, swept fringing, curling, dyeing, ironing, and a lot more. Doing any of this makes hair look beautiful and vibrant.

Though too much styling can affect hair moisture, when neglected becomes extremely elastic. Making your crowning glory look very mushy and feel so soft that wouldn’t hold curls. Another thing lost is protein, which is responsible for developing hair structure. If these factors lack, hair becomes tougher to manage. Making a simple task like combing hair impossible, because of breakage occurring all the time.

Fix these side-effects by undergoing hot-oil treatments. And in Sydney, Detail Woman is the salon that looks after your hair’s health. Armed with experience and knowledge they will make sure to restore hair health, while keeping it stylish along the way.

Which Oil to Use


Use coconut oil as a base on your repair treatment. One cup will suffice on preventing damage, restoring moisture balance, and strengthening hair.

Then you’ll need two to three table spoons of the following oil bases. Depending on how you want to focus your treatment.

Argan oil proves to be an ideal conditioner to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair. When applying it lack of elasticity and hydration won’t be a problem anymore. And if hair requires more nourishing, use safflower oil.

Lock in moisture and reduce shedding by smoothening hair cuticle with almond oil. If you’re worried about a thinning hairline, use jojoba oil. This oil encourages hair growth, which aid roots to become healthier.

Hair styling is a luxury that does tend to be abused. It’s tough to minimize it, but the good news is that there are methods that addressed damages caused by good-looking hair. One of which is through a hot oil procedure. To know more about how many times to get it in a month, oils to use, and further procedures you can do at home. Come to Detail Woman for answers.

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