Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Face Shape is Key to Getting the Perfect Look from a Sydney Hair Salon

Clearly, getting a great hairstyle is not as easy as showing a picture to a stylist and hoping that the results will be as good as the original. For example, feathery cuts will help slim down a round, full face, while bobs can look striking on those with heart-shaped faces. Additionally, someone with a long face shape may opt to go for a fringe to balance out the forehead and chin. Each woman has her unique needs, and a skilled stylist will recognize that and strive to create a look that will flatter and enhance one’s features. High-end Sydney hair salons such as Detail Woman will even dedicate time to talk with each client to find out what suits them best. Other factors to consider besides facial shape are one’s hair type, preference, maintenance, lifestyle, and colour that can complement an individual’s complexion and eyes.

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