Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Face Shapes

Women keeping up with fashion trends already have an idea on which hair style to ask for in the salon. Some even bring a photograph, and ask for it to be copied. This should work fine if all face shapes are uniform. But it's not uncommon for a specific style to be applied to the wrong face shape.

Avoid this mistake by knowing what your face shape is. Finding out whether yours is, oval, square, oblong, round, diamond, heart, and triangular can help you pick the best hairdo to get.

Appropriate Styling for Shapes


Depending on your face shape, there may be some styles you should avoid completely. One common example would be the rule about hair length - that is, a woman with a long face should not have long hair, and a woman with a round face should not have short hair. 

People with square faces tend to have stronger jaw lines, which can be softened by using textured styles. 

Of all the styles available, short hair cuts tend to suit most ladies, regardless of their face shape or age - just be mindful of the length if you have a round face, because if your hair is too short it may make your face seem even more round.

Many women would love to have a square face, because according to some studies, a square face looks best in photographs and may also age better. So if you're blessed with this shaped face, rejoice and be grateful! 

If you're not sure what style to go for, you could always play it safe and go for a cut which sits just above your shoulders. 

Identifying your face shape and knowing what to do about it can guarantee you’ll have great hair styles from now on. To get the best results it is also ideal for you to communicate with your stylist. Talk about your hair, how often you should have it cut. Discussing maintenance and styling procedures can help you keep hair looking good. That’s why it’s important to get connected with the right people. And when in Sydney the right salon for the perfect haircut is Detail Woman. This is where stylists understand the importance of your face shape in determining the best look for you.

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