Tuesday, 12 January 2016

What to Expect upon Removal of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to give you longer, fuller hair instantly. This is a convenient addition to your look for special occasions such as proms, weddings and much more. However, once the event is over, you need to know what has to be done in order to take the hair extensions out in a safe and effective manner. Knowing what to expect and having some tips that will help you with the removal will give you the ability to remove them without causing damage to your natural hair.

What to Expect upon Removal of Hair Extensions

Removing pre-bonded hair extensions or any other sort of keratin-bonded hair extension with a nail tip can be a relatively easy process once you have an understanding of how it is done. These hair extensions can usually be worn for anywhere between three and four months as long as they are well taken care of.

Keratin Bond Extensions

The sectioning of the hair is done to help make sure that the hair is much easier to manage. Simply by using your fingers, feel around for the top row that is around the top portion of the head, and expose the bonds that are underneath. You need to work on crushing the bond with each hair extension one at a time. This can be done easily by using small pliers to gently squeeze the bond a couple of times, which should start to loosen its grip. You can then apply a hair extension removal solution on each bond so that it can be freed.

If you happen to feel some resistance as you pull the extension away, simply add another drop or two of solution so that the extension slides off. You need to be sure that that you do not brush the hair to try to remove any bond residue or shredded hairs left behind. This can cause damage to your own natural hair. Removing the residue should be done by gently pulling down from above the bond, taking just a couple of hairs at a time. Repeat until all of the extensions and residue is completely removed.

Sewn In Extensions

Simply section the hair, and then gently pull on the thread using your fingers until the extension starts to come apart from the braided track. If the extension is not ragged or damaged when you remove it, you can potentially set it aside and use it again at a later date. You can then carefully brush through your hair and should wash and treat your hair with a high quality conditioner to make sure that your natural locks remain nourished and healthy.

Basically, you are going to find that the better care you take of your extensions while you have them in, the better the condition of your natural hair will be. If you are unsure of the best way to tackle the removal of your extensions, it is going to be best to enlist the help of a professional who has experience with them instead of trying it on your own.

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