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Things to do when Your Keratin Treatment Fails

Keratin has recently surfaced as a treatment in the United States for helping to eliminate frizzy hair and relax curls. It's also known to relax waves and help control them. Originating in Brazil, it was created to help women who spent a lot of time on the beach and had to deal with hair that the higher humidity would destroy.

If you're planning to sustain your keratin treatment, you're going to have to follow some simple rules. If you don't follow these rules, chances are your keratin treatment may very well fail.

Thing to do when Your Keratin Treatment Fails

The first of these rules is to avoid salt and chlorine. If you don't want to wear a swim cap, you're going to have to keep your tresses dry and out of the beach water and swimming pools.

Many women who choose to have keratin treatments don't realise this and then wonder why their treatment isn't working. The truth is: it was working, but only right up until it was dampened with salt water or chlorinated water.

If you're going to go into the water, you may need to consider a no-sulphate, chlorine removal shampoo, and use it immediately after getting out of the water.

If you're going to be in the water frequently, be sure to speak with your stylist, and ask which keratin treatment is the right one for you. As there are a variety of treatments to choose from, the problem could simply be that you're just not getting the right treatment for the activities that you're participating in.

Keratin treatments are designed to smooth and tame the hair. However, if you're over-processing your hair or using too many products on your hair, you may find that your treatments aren't working well.

Be sure that your stylist knows what you're doing to your hair. Are you out in the sun all day long? Are you exposing your hair to salt and chlorine? If so, you may need to have more frequent treatments.

If you have blonde or grey hair, you may also have to be more mindful to what you expose your hair. You could be adding undue stress to your hair by exposing it to the wrong products or excessive heat or light, and thus causing it to turn yellow or other unnatural colours.

Lighter hair is more fragile than darker hair. This is partly due to the fragility of the lighter colour and partly because of processing times.

If you've had a keratin treatment, check with your stylist before applying any other product to your hair. It just may save your treatment. Always remember that heat, salt, chlorine and light from the sun can all affect your keratin treatment. If you're unhappy with your treatment, call your stylist and explain what you're unhappy about.

Chances are, your stylist will slightly adjust part of the treatment, recommend more frequent treatments, or suggest a product that will be more friendly to your keratin-treated hair. Remember, your hair needs nourishment just as your body does.

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