Thursday, 7 January 2016

Healthier Skin Means Healthier Living

The results are in from an exhaustive search that has been conducted since time immemorial and spans all continents and all known ingredients: there is no way to stop the aging process and its effects on the skin. Nevertheless, the very same search for perpetually beautiful skin has produced the most essential rules for keeping skin supple and beautiful for as long as possible.

Skin Clinic - Healthier Skin Means Healthier Living

The following are 3 essential rules for keeping your skin as healthy as you can for as long as possible:

Rule #1:  Rays Today – Raisins Tomorrow

The most important rule for maintaining beautiful skin is something most of us heard from our mothers as a kid: “Watch Out for the Sun”. This still holds true today; never brave the strength of the sun's rays without sufficient protection. Apply sunscreen, and keep your body thoroughly hydrated to minimise the risk of solar exposure (i.e. Drink lots and lots of water).
Did you know people operating at higher altitudes are at an increased risk? This applies as much to people living in elevated cities as it does to those men and women frequently moving about from place to place in an aeroplane.

Flight attendants and pilots are actually at an increased risk of melanoma due to the strength of solar rays in their work environment. If you are a frequent flyer, you should consider this and take action to protect your skin.

How can frequent fliers protect themselves from the sun while on board a plane? Say “No, Thanks!” to the peanuts! Salty foods dehydrate the skin making it more susceptible to UV rays. Canned air is equally harsh on the skin, so cream up before take off, especially with a 15 SPF sunscreen. 

Rule #2: You Are What You Eat

If you are biased to greasy, crispy foods, you can expect this to be reflected in your skin. If you want your skin to appear healthy, alive and supple for as long as possible, take in foods that are healthy, alive and supple. Isn’t the first thing that comes to mind fruits?

Papaya is everything you want in your skin and contains all the nutrients to deliver. I would dare say that a diet containing a full cup of papaya per day is conducive to an excellent complexion for life. Just don’t forget the citrus fruits, strawberries, plums and bananas, too!
Avoid processed foods and foods with salt, as well as the consumption of alcoholic beverages that can take years from your skin's life and successfully prevent your skin from regenerating.

Rule #3: No Anger, Bitterness, Glaring, Glowering, Moping or Fretting

You want the real secret to timeless beauty that pervades the skin and radiates from somewhere deep inside? Smile, Smile, Smile!

Stress kills – it really does – and the first place the dying appear to be dying is in their fallen expressions. Carrying around tension and anger releases toxins into the blood (Cortisol) that flatten collagen in the skin which effectively saps the elasticity. 

Is stress killing you? Start living again! Get help, get out of your routine or take up a class. Yoga, soccer, archery or some other physical activity that takes your mind to new levels is just what you need. Finding the right way to release negativity is the best way to keep it from making an ugly appearance in your skin.

Be Happy/Be Healthy/Be a Beautiful You. We, at Detail Woman can also help. Our skin experts can introduce you to a number of services that can help you maintain a healthier skin. Visit our website and start your journey to a healthier living!  

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