Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sydney Hair Extensions? 4 Reasons To Choose 100% Human Hair

Hair extensions are the fastest way to obtain a beautiful, long hair. You don't have to wait for years to grow your hair, when you can choose some high quality extensions and have them applied in a matter of hours. A few years ago, most hair extensions were synthetic. At a closer look, you could have noticed they were not real. However, the modern ones, made 100% from human hair, look and feel just like the real thing. Besides, they offer a few advantages that make them much better than synthetic ones. Here are the top four reasons why you should choose 100% human hair extensions:

1. Appearance

Synthetic materials can't replicate the texture and shine of real hair, no matter how good they are. Natural ones blend in perfectly, for creating the look you want without any sign of artificial interventions. Besides, they dry with a natural curl, just as natural hair does. Nobody is ever going to know you are wearing them, not even professional hairdressers.

The only catch is that you have to find a very good professional to apply them, otherwise the result may be less than stellar. Additionally, you have to take care where you buy your extensions from, in order to avoid getting scammed. There are plenty of retailers selling hair extensions in Sydney, so it's best to avoid making a rushed decision just to save a few dollars.

2. Styling And Colouring

Synthetic products are very hard to style, as they don't react well to high temperatures. You can easily destroy them, so you need to be extremely careful. You might even need to change your hairstyle completely in order to protect your extensions. Real human hair can be styled without any worry. You can use your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron as you wish. Your extensions are going to behave just like your natural hair.

Choose Sydney Hair Extensions

When wearing synthetic products, you have to match the colour of your hair to the colour of your extensions, as it is hard to find them in all shades and colours. On the contrary, real hair extensions can be dyed to match your natural colour or any other colour of your choice, so they are going to make you look exactly as you wish. You won't have to compromise on the hair colour, this being a very important advantage of getting the real thing rather than artificial solutions.

3. Comfort

With 100% human hair extensions, you don't have any risk of allergies, irritations or other health problems that are quite frequent in the case of having synthetic ones. Besides, you won't experience any tangling, so you are going to feel as comfortable as always. This is another benefit many Sydney women appreciate, as they don't want to give up their comfort for the sake of their looks.

4. Maintenance

Artificial materials require special care if you want them to look like new for a very long time. With human hair extensions, you have the freedom of caring for your hair just the way you've always done it, with no special cautions or worries.

If you are still in doubt, you can ask your hairsdresser for more details on the superiority of 100% natural hair extensions.  Check out Sydney's best hair extensions at Detail Woman.  Great Lengths and Showpony Professional are their two suppliers, who also guarantee they their extensions to be the finest quality (and ethically sourced) 100% human hair. They also offer a full range of hair extension systems such as keratin bond, micro-beads, tape in, skin weft tape in and clip in.  Their hair extension services will give you the perfect confidence to flaunt it!

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