Thursday, 1 October 2015

Things Your Hairdresser Should Know: What Makes a Great Haircut

Getting a haircut is a daunting task for women at times because they are unsure about what they're going to look like when leaving the salon. It is difficult to have control over a situation when getting a haircut. It can be challenging and going to the right hair salon is a must. The best of the best should know what it takes to cut hair properly. Each case is going to be different and this is what makes a hairdresser's life unique and fascinating. Let's take a look at some of the nuances of all great haircuts. 

Things Your Hairdresser Should Know

Great Haircut That Fits Your Overall Look and Face Shape

This is the foundation of any great haircut. If the haircut does not suit the person's overall personality, look, or even outfit, it is just not going to work. It is important to sit down and assess this beforehand. Let's assume a woman working in a corporate world. She then requires a clean and professional look, so does it make sense to give her some crazy curls? Of course it doesn't.

The face shape also has a role to play and this should not be ignored. Some people are going to require specific haircuts to compliment their face shape and anything less or more will not be good enough. It is essential to understand this requirement.

A Great Haircut That is Easy to Maintain

The haircut should be easy to maintain, as most women are not going to be visiting their hair salon on a daily basis to have their hair styled. It is imperative for the haircut to be immaculate around the edges and fit well with their overall look to ensure they are able to maintain it with relative ease.

If it is too hard to maintain, it will end up becoming a horrible haircut as the hair would sit too flat or unruly on the head and that is something a woman is not going to want.

An Understanding of Hair Structure and Placement

A lot of hairdressers miss out on this knowledge and it holds them back significantly. They refuse to pay attention to how the hair lies on the head and this is a nuance that can easily make or break the entire experience. If the hairdresser is not paying attention to how the hair lies on the head and the hair’s overall structure, the results are going to be horrific or certainly displeasing to say the least. It is crucial for the hairdresser to assess the hair beforehand and then move forward from there.

These are all important nuances of a great haircut and only those who understand this are going to be able to get the job done properly. There are far too many examples of displeased customers who wanted a simple haircut and ended up with something that was entirely different. It is important for an open line of communication to be present to ensure that both parties are on the same page during the entire experience as that is the only way to get positive results.

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