Wednesday, 13 May 2015

DIY Dyeing of Hair Extensions: A Bad Idea

You’ve probably heard that when you get the best hair extensions (made of 100% human hair), you can dye it as you would your natural hair. You can turn the strands into a shade similar to your natural hair, so they look seamlessly applied and natural. You can also play around with colours and try the latest trends. However, you should never attempt to do any of these on your own.

The Hazards and Cautions of Dyeing Extensions

You could risk destroying your hair extensions if you try DIY (do-it-yourself) dyeing. When you’re not professionally trained to do the task, you might use too much dye, use the wrong chemicals, or incorrectly apply some of the techniques. Any mistake can strip the strands of their cuticle and dry them up, or make them weak or brittle. They are an investment, after all, so you don’t want to endanger their quality.

Of course, there are also the typical risks that come with handling hair dyes. If you fail to use gloves, for instance, your skin may get irritated with the dye. You might also pick the wrong shade or skip a key step of the instructions, which can leave you with unsatisfactory results. For example, a horribly orange shade instead of blonde… or a terribly stark crimson rather than a subdued red.

Instead of experimenting with DIY dyeing, better leave the job to a professional hair and hair extensions stylist.

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