Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tips on Growing Out a Fringe or a Very Short Cut

Some hairstyles can be flattering, while others can just be a nightmare to live with. For example, your fringe may not frame your face as well as you wish or you may have been forced to cut your hair really short because of irreparable damage. Growing them out can be equally worrisome with all the unruly strands that you can’t seem to rein in. 
Here are some tips to help you deal with those common “hair-mergencies”:
Acceptance is key.
Usually with drastic and sudden changes in your looks, it’s normal to feel a bit disoriented. You need not let the denial or the frustrations of new changes in your life and appearance get to you or overwhelm you for too long. You have to move on and decide what you’re going to do about the situation.

Do NOT resort to DIY.
You might just make the problem worse. You have to understand that during these dire times, a hairdresser in Sydney can do wonders. You might think that having a haircut would be counterproductive to growing out the hair, but you’ll be amazed how layering your fringe or your short crop can improve your hairstyle significantly while it’s growing out.

Stick to your pro stylist.
Whenever you feel the need to cut your hair or get a fringe again, get a grip and keep your handy scissors in a locked drawer. Visit your favourite hairdresser instead. Let him or her give you an expert makeover that can lift your spirits and help you feel confident.

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