Friday, 27 February 2015

Three Ways to Rock a Bob

These days, it is very practical to cut your hair into a bob. Whether you opt for a super short one, or ending just below the chin, a bob can be wash-and-wear style – something you don’t have to spend an hour or more styling. It’s also requires little or even no maintenance to keep it neat and stylish throughout the day.

If you want a change in your looks from day to day, you can also spruce up a bob with a few nifty tricks. Although longer hair gives you more flexibility in playing with styles, a bob by a leading hair salon in Sydney also gives you a lot of room for creativity.
Here are a few ways to rock your bob: 

Sophisticated: Keep it polished with a subtle twist.

Give any sleekly preened bob a little flair with a wispy front section, or a smoothly curled side fringe. You can also accessorise with some chic gold bobby pins.

Vivacious: Embrace the waves.

Wear your hair in a messy but glorious-looking style by sweeping a large section to the side and giving it some loose curls. Don’t forget to use sea salt spray or similar products for volume and lasting (but not too stiff) definition.

Bold and Fun: Give it a splash (or two) of colour.

Experiment with colours beyond the standard neutrals. Try an Ombre with purple or pink at the ends for an eye-catching look.

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